It does not need to take a year or more to get a straight smile. With FastBraces, you can get a healthy and straight smile in a fraction of the time traditional braces or aligners would take. Dental Care Acworth offers these accelerated orthodontics for our patients that want quick results when straightening their smiles.

Most traditional braces or clear aligners take at least one year to achieve a straight smile. FastBraces uses a different approach to orthodontics, focusing on straightening the anterior or front teeth in a balanced movement. This method reduces the treatment time for patients that want a healthy and straight smile.



Fast Braces is designed for adults that want to straighten their visible teeth without the long treatment time required with metal braces or aligners. Teens 16 years of age or older can also be candidates for FASTBRACES. The FASTBRACES brackets and accelerated treatment time make these braces a desirable option for anyone that wants a straight smile. Most adults are good candidates for this option, especially those who mainly want to improve the appearance of their smile.

The reason FASTBRACES can achieve quicker results is because of its revolutionary bracket design that minimize the number of dental visits. This reduces the amount of time needed to straighten your smile since the focus is only on your exposed teeth. You still get the health and appearance benefits of straighter teeth without wearing your braces for a year or more to get results

Get a new smile in as little as 200 DAYS  with orthodontic treatment from Dental Care Acworth. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about FASTBRACES and our other orthodontic options. Payment plans are available.