We do Free Dental Consultations at Dental Care Acworth

Has a dentist recommended a dental procedure that you are unsure of? Wish you could get a second opinion but afraid it’s cost prohibitive? That’s why Dental Care Acworth offer free second opinions at our office.

Reasons for getting a second opinion from a dentist include the following:

With these types of dental conditions and procedures, it can be particularly helpful get an opinion from more than one dentist:

If you’re hesitant at all, play it safe, and give us a call to schedule a second opinion

What to bring to a Free Consultation/Second Opinion:

If you are coming for a second opinion it may be helpful to have diagnostic information such as x-rays.

If you’ve already had x-rays taken we can request them from your dentist. Please download and complete our Records Release form and we’ll be happy to submit it for you.

If you would prefer your dentist not know about your consultation we respect your privacy and will not contact his/her office.

Records Release

After that, it’s up to you! There is no obligation with our free second opinion. You may opt to return to your original dentist, or decide to proceed with our clinic. Whichever route you choose, we are happy to have provided you the confidence needed to move forward and preserve your dental well-being. If you’d like more information about our free second opinions program, please contact us.