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Our dental team at Dental Care Acworth has invested in the latest dental technology to improve the level of care we provide our patients. Our commitment to modern dentistry using cutting-edge technology ensures more efficient, comfortable dental treatments for a better dental experience.

Digital Sensors

Forget bulky x-ray machines and unsafe radiation. At Dental Care Acworth, we use digital sensors that are tiny in comparison, yet they offer improved dental imaging and comfort for our patients. These small devices can provide detailed digital imaging for an accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, without the radiation or intrusiveness of traditional x-rays.

Intraoral Cameras

Personalized, interactive dental care is achievable with intraoral digital cameras. Our dentists use intraoral cameras to show patients what we see during exams and explain the best options for treatments. Intraoral cameras allow our patients to be more involved in their oral health plan and understand what treatments are needed and why.

DryShield Suctioning Device

Direct tooth access in a dry environment allows dentists to perform dental treatments quicker and with more accuracy. We have invested in the DryShield suctioning device that makes it simpler to remove saliva and protect the treatment area with one device versus multiple instruments. This is more comfortable for our patients and helps reduce treatment times for quicker dental visits.

Electronic Health Records

Dental Care Acworth strives to be a paperless facility with electronic health records and digital imaging technology. Using electronic records and digital imaging helps reduce waste and protects the environment. Plus, it makes it easier and faster to share records with our patients or other medical providers.

10 Reasons to Choose Dental Care Acworth

There are many dental practices, but not all have the same approach to dental care as our team at Dental Care Acworth. We are committed to offering a better choice for dentistry for our patients in the Acworth area. Here are 10 reasons to choose us for your family’s dental care.

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We invite you to come visit our facility in Acworth and experience the difference of our advanced technology and comfort amenities.

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