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Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain

A toothache can be almost impossible to ignore. It can be caused by many different issues, including a small cavity or the loss of enamel to a crack or severe infection. Whatever the cause, tooth pain should never be ignored. Pain is your tooth’s way of telling you something is wrong. For relief from tooth pain, call us at Dental Care Acworth. We can find the source of your toothache and offer a general dental treatment.

Most tooth pain is caused by exposure of the nerve roots inside the pulp of the tooth. It can be decay that has penetrated the enamel, making the tooth sensitive to temperature. The same can occur if the tooth has a crack, chip or a filling falls out. This is an alert that the inner tooth is unprotected and needs repair to prevent further damage. Often all that is needed is a filling or bonding to repair the tooth. More extensive damage may require a root canal or dental crown.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Toothaches are one of the most common reasons our patients call us for urgent dental care. Another common issue is jaw pain. If the temporomandibular, or jaw joint, is under stress, it can cause pain and other symptoms. This can be due to clenching the jaw, night teeth grinding or putting too much pressure on the jaw. If you have jaw pain, come see us at Dental Care Acworth. We can diagnose the problem and find a treatment to offer relief. A nightguard can help relieve jaw pain from TMD or teeth grinding. If misalignment is causing the issue, orthodontics may offer relief.

If you have tooth or jaw pain, call our team at Dental Care Acworth. We will get you in for treatment as soon as possible for urgent dental care. We offer affordable treatments and accept most insurance plans – contact us today.

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