Are you plagued with loud snoring or teeth grinding while you sleep? Nocturnal oral disorders can affect your quality of sleep and have other negative issues. Sleep apnea, snoring or nocturnal teeth grinding can be controlled and treated with oral appliances. As part of our general dental treatments at Dental Care Acworth, we offer nightguards that can offer relief from sleep apnea and teeth grinding for improved health and dental protection.

Obstruction sleep apnea is caused by tissue blocking your airway while you are sleeping. This can result in snoring, gasping and poor quality sleep. A nightguard can alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea, adjusting the position of your jaw to open your airway. This allows you to breathe normally while you sleep, stopping snoring and giving you a restful night’s sleep.

Relief from Snoring and Teeth Grinding

To combat both teeth grinding and sleep apnea, a dental nightguard can offer relief. Our team at Dental Care Acworth can create a customized nightguard that will protect your teeth and reposition your jaw to alleviate obstructions from sleep apnea. The customized fit allows for comfort that will not interfere with your sleep. Most patients quickly adjust to wearing their nightguard. You will appreciate the benefits as well as your spouse or sleep partner.

Both sleep apnea and teeth grinding can cause detrimental effects. Teeth grinding can damage teeth and cause jaw pain. Sleep apnea can diminish your quality of sleep and keep others awake during the night. The addition of a nightguard is an affordable and simple solution to ensure you get the rest you need and protect your oral health.

If you snore or grind your teeth when you sleep, come see us at Dental Care Acworth. We can create a customized mouthguard that can treat sleep apnea, teeth grinding or TMD/TMJ. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for diagnosis and treatment.