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Gum Disease

The gum tissue surrounding your teeth is vital for maintaining good oral and overall health. When bacteria attack this tissue, it can lead to gum disease that can jeopardize your oral health and put you at risk for serious health problems like a stroke, type 2 diabetes and pregnancy complications. As part of our general dentistry services at Dental Care Acworth, we provide professional treatment for gum disease to help restore and maintain your health and wellness.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease starts with the accumulation of bacteria and plaque around the teeth. Food particles stuck in between teeth or in crevices can attract bacteria that form plaque which can harden into tartar. While brushing and flossing twice or more a day can remove most of this bacteria and plaque, if any is left behind, it can lead to the beginning of gum disease.

When gum disease is in the early stages, it is referred to as gingivitis. Symptoms include red or swollen gums, bleeding when brushing and gum tenderness. This infection of the gums will continue to progress if not treated. It can lead to receding gums that make it more difficult to keep bacteria at bay, eventually attacking the tissues of the gums which can lead to tooth loss and can spread bacteria into the blood stream.

Scheduling regular checkups and cleanings can catch gum disease in the early stages when it is easiest to treat and reverse it. When gingivitis is present, our dental team can recommend an effective treatment plan to get it under control. This may include deep cleanings, medicated mouthwash and other treatments to stop the infection to allow the gum tissue to heal.

Gum disease is serious, but it is treatable. To stop gum infection, contact Dental Care Acworth today to schedule your next checkup and cleaning. We can help protect your teeth and gums for improved oral and overall health.

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