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How Stress Affects Your Smile

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We know stress isn’t good for our bodies, but it can be hard to avoid.

Did you know that your smile could reveal how much stress you’re under?

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should see our Acworth dentist to reduce the effect stress has on your oral health.

Gum Inflammation

Gums are very sensitive to hormonal changes. Stress can alter your gums’ response to bacterial toxins and make them overreact. If your gums are suddenly bleeding when they didn’t used to, it could indicate that they’re fighting an infection.

Worn Enamel

Do your teeth look flat or shortened? Teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) is a subconscious habit that can occur during the day, but most often at night. People tend to clench their teeth when frustrated or stressed out, but this habit can weaken teeth and put them at risk for fractures.

Increased Decay

Stress often triggers a craving for comfort foods. A lot of anxiety or worry in your life may have you reaching for familiar treats like candies, sweetened drinks, and desserts. Binging on carbs is as bad for your teeth as it is your body. Excess sugar exposure promotes the development of cavities.

TMJ Pain

Clenching and grinding your teeth out of daily frustrations may cause jaw pain before you notice anything wrong with your teeth. TMJ tension and headaches could be a sign that you’re stressed.

Dry Mouth

There is a link between dry mouth and anxiety. When stress switches off your natural saliva flow, your risk for decay and other infections goes up.

Get a handle on your stress and save your smile by scheduling a visit to Dental Care Acworth!

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